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HK-CSLP™ Longitudinal Folding

Technical Details

suitable for

HK-ECO 2015 Base Machine

HK-ECO 3015 Base Machine

HK-ECO 4015 Base Machine


For woven or printed Endfold-, Centrefold- and Manhattanfold labels.


Machine components:

  • Automatic ironing unit
    • Top and bottom heating
  • Two heating controller
    • Monitoring via temperature sensors
  • Standstill monitoring
  • Tape inlet control unit
  • Tape outlet control unit
  • Laserpointer
    • Effective set-up assistant
  • Working speed:    infinitely variable up to 24 m/min
  • Power Range:       230V, 50/60Hz, 1.2kW





HK -CSLP™ Longitudinal The Original
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