Horst Kind - Cutting and Folding at its best

We have high quality demands. Modern production processes, strict quality controls and qualified employees guarantee our customers reliable and durable products.


Our cutting and folding machines are well known for their high reliability and efficiency around the world. Due to our established global footprint, we are able to serve each customer individually and provide fast, comprehensive and reliable after sales service.

Kind's customers will always be cared for.


All Horst Kind cutting and folding machines consist of a base machine with the corresponding attachments. This world renowned building block system allows quick and easy changes of different attachments. The adjustment and alteration of the attachments can be done with ease and does not require vast knowledge or previous experience. The controls are easily accessible and clearly visible as all machines are equipped with high quality touchscreen displays. Labels up to 130 mm width can be cut and folded on Horst Kind machines.


Join our many customers world wide and experience "Our Promise"

About Us

Founded in 1968 in a small garage in the town Wuppertal, Horst Kind built the first high-end cutting and folding machines. Quickly gaining reputation for its remarkable quality and durability it now provides customers around the world with the best cutting and folding machines available.

Our Promise

With almost 50 years of experience and through constant research and development we promise that all Horst Kind machines will provide the highest quality results whilst remaining economic and easy to operate. Moreover, all machines are 100% made in Germany.


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